Friday, May 15, 2009

"Del Tiempo Turbulento" - Saúl Yurkievich (traducido por Pedro Cuperman y Libertad Garzón)

There is no ivory tower
for us
the besieged of history
for us
the proscribed
poets of the turbulent time
but rather manhunt
closure and exclusion
we had
ghetto, gulag
psychiatric hospitals
civil death
internment camps
we the expatriates of the voice
strangers to the vociferation
to the vociferous babble
to the purée of palaver
We the bi or tri stateless
shielded we prevailed
without common house
with only the word for heritage
without plaza nor paper
we persisted
faithful to the wholesome word
now pigeon now grain,
now cloud, eyelash, flint
to safeguard its magnificence
the resonant river of language
upstream and downstream
so that the flow may remain plentiful.

[*] Le agradezco a mi amiga, Libertad Garzón y al grupo de redaccion de la gaceta, Point of Contact, por la gentileza de permitirme incluir en mi espacio su traducción de este poema de Saúl Yurkievich.

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